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Ocean View Corals has retired

The owner of Ocean View Corals has retired. This website is just available as a sample of work by IntegriTiity.


Ocean View Corals is a Missouri coral farm where we raise hard LPS and SPS corals and softies of exceptional quality. We supply major aquatic supply stores as well as sell corals to individual saltwater tank enthusiasts. View our complete photo gallery of mother colony corals and contact us to find out how many frags are available.


LPS Hard Corals SPS Hard Corals Softie Corals

Ocean View Corals are high quality specimens that have been carefully grown and cared for. Our acclimation and lighting pages describe how you can best transition these beautiful coral frags to your own saltwater tank.

Our main tank received the Tank Of The Month award for March 2013 from ReefKeeping online magazine!
Read the full article here.


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